The Faery Gift of Expression

Welcome to day one of 7 Gifts of Faery Week at White Rose of Avalon!   For day one, I will be focusing on the gift of Faery known as Expression.   This is the Faery Gift that I relate to the planet Mercury and therefore the day of the week Wednesday, which is why I am covering it today!

The Faery Gift of Expression is one that is most potent on Wednesdays as it is ruled by the planet Mercury and related to the Throat Chakra, which is all about expressing oneself verbally.    Speaking is not the only way to express oneself and hone this Faery Gift.    Singing is also excellent, as are writing and dancing.   Anything that gets your personal feelings and opinions out into the world is the perfect way to honor the Faery Gift of Expression!

The color of this gift is Blue, as that is the color of the Throat Chakra.    So wearing Blue may help to empower your intentions on Wednesdays or even any intentions you may have surrounding the Faery Gift of Expression in general.

Herbs associated with Mercury, and therefore great assets in working with this Gift include Mucuna, Gotu Kola, Lion’s Mane, Tulsi, and Lavender.   Lavender, in particular, is an essential herb for those who begin studying herbalism.   It is ruled by Mercury and by Virgo (which happens to be my Sun and Moon sign).   I believe that we can use certain herbs to enhance our magical experiences, and this is especially true when we look at Faery magick as it is intimately linked to Green magick! 

Expression is an important thing when it comes to fully embracing our most authentic selves.   I personally think that the willingness to embrace who you are and what you believe is one of the most important aspects of coming into yourself as a magical practitioner and deepening into your Faery nature!   When we embrace our inner Faery and we call upon the power of our Faery friends and allies we become more aligned with our own personal values.    I hope that you have enjoyed this short post that dives deeper into how to work with the Faery Gift of Expression.    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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