Daenerys as Dragon Goddess

For this week’s Femme Fatale Friday, I have been inspired by videos done by a YouTuber named David Lightbringer, whose expertise is analyzing A Song of Fire and Ice.   He made some really great videos about Dany’s nature as a primordial Mother Goddess and Dragon Goddess.   Like me, and many others, he hated Dany’s ending in the series and has spent much time analyzing why her ending was so out of character!

In these videos, he focuses on the Vedic Indian origins that will associate Daenerys as a representative of Parvati and her War Goddess aspect, Kali.   There is so much data to combine the two, including the relationship between Parvati and Shiva being mirrored with Dany and Drogo.   The warlike Kali aspects are always drawn from the desire to protect those that she has loved.   This is very much how Dany works, as she chooses to do anything to protect her people.   Even the term Khalessi is basically calling her “Kali of the Sea.”   This makes a ton of sense given that Dany is always referred to as being linked to waters and seas in some way.   She is born during a raging storm, and is often spoken of as being in the sea, whether the green grass sea, the sea of stars, or the actual sea!   This sea imagery also links her to the next Goddess we will be looking at her being connected with.

There is also a lot to compare Daenerys and Aphrodite Venus.   Like Aphrodite Dany is seen in this romancing sexual Love Goddess energy.   Aphrodite is the Sea Born Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Sexual desire.   The star, moon, and sun imagery surrounding Dany are also related to Aphrodite, who is linked to Venus, the Morning and Evening Star!   There is even some reference to Aphrodite’s warlike aspect, which I enjoy because I am a big fan of analyzing Goddesses throughout all of their various aspects.

He also mentioned the connection to the primordial deity Danu, as literally her name can be derived from this Goddess.    Danu is a deity of Vedic India, but also one worshipped in Celtic lands as the Great Mother Goddess and central mother of the Tuatha de Dannan, the Irish fair folk deities.   Danu in India is a mother of a Dragon god, and therefore a Mother of Dragons, which links her to her Celtic counterpart being the mother of a race of Faery Gods!    She is also a Goddess of both fire and waters, those of Rivers and Streams.    This is something that is true of both versions of Danu.

I will go a little further into the comparisons with Celtic Goddesses than the YouTuber did, as the Celtic and Faerylore are my main thing!   She can be linked to Rhiannon and Epona due to the fact that she is linked to horses and sovereignty due to her marriage to a horse lord.    The imagery with horses certainly works to be a reference to Celtic Sovereignty and the sovereignty of the land of Westeros in the Song of Ice and Fire universe.    Rhiannon is also a Faery Goddess who is a Horse related Mother Goddess, with the most important of her tales being that of her being the mother of the great hero Pryderi!

Other Celtic Mother Goddesses like Modron are also easily linked to the Mother of Dragons.   Modron is the Welsh Mother Goddess who is often linked as being an earlier version of Morgan le Fay.   Morgan herself is a powerful Sovereignty Goddess as well as a Goddess of Faeries and Witchcraft.    She is a mother to at least one son in the story but often is also said to be the mother of Arthur’s son, Mordred.    Her lineage as a powerful English Faery Sorceress is one that can be linked to Dany through her powerful sexuality and her protective abilities.    She even has a Dragon link due to her association with Wales, the land of the Red Dragon, and to her brother Arthur.    Arthur is after all known as Pendragon!   

At the end of the day, I believe we can see Daenerys as being linked to any Celtic Goddess who is known as a Goddess of Motherhood, War, or both.   Besides the ones mentioned above, there are also Maeve, the Morrigan, Aine, and Melusine.   Melusine even is sometimes said to transform into a Dragon when she abandons her husband when he had betrayed her trust!   I hope that you have enjoyed this look at the Goddess aspect of Daenerys Targaryen.   I highly recommend watching David Lightbringer’s Daenerys videos, and I will link some below.   Which Goddess do you believe is most associated with Dany?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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