Sacred Objects to the Goddess Morgana

For this week’s Femme Fatale Friday, I have decided to take a look at the objects and animals sacred to the Great Goddess Morgana le Fay!   I did a sacred object of Goddess post as last week’s Femme Fatale Friday also.   I like changing up the type of posts that I consider Femme Fatale Friday.  This one should be really fun, as Morgana is my favorite Goddess and the one I feel most of a connection with!

There are many things that are sacred to Morgana.   The first thing I will mention is perhaps the most obvious.   The Isle of Avalon is Morgana’s Sacred Place.   Avalon is an Isle of Healing, an Isle of the Dead, and a Faeryland.   This magickal land is ruled by a Ninefold Sisterhood, with Morgan le Fay Herself being the chief amongst the Nine.   She is the most intelligent, powerful, and beautiful of all.   Morgana is Queen of the Sacred Isle and her sisters are all powerful in their own right.   She rules with love and acceptance of each ones unique abilities rather than with a desire for ultimate control.   Avalon is also where we find some of Morgana’s other sacred things.   Her Sacred Fruit is the Apple and Avalon is literally the Isle of Apples.   She is a Faery Queen of this Isle and that means that Faery beings and magic are associated with waters (it is an island) and the forest (it is also covered in woodlands and a grove of apple trees) are also considered to be sacred to her.  

The next things Sacred to Morgana I will discuss are the animals’ Crow and Dragon.   The Crow or Raven is the bird that is associated with Morgan, as she is a shapeshifting Goddess able to literally transform into these birds.  In her first literary appearance in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Vita Merlini, where she is even said to “fly on strange wings like Daedalus.”   The Dragon is associated with Morgan through her connection to Arthur and Merlin, being their origins are in Wales (where Dragons are considered so sacred that one is still on the Flag).   Her brother (at least in most tellings) is Arthur, who is the Pendragon.    This leads me to associate Dragons with Morgana’s fiery energy and her capabilities with both water and fire magicks.   Lest we not forget that Dragons can be just as watery as they are fiery!    

Colors that are considered to be associated with Morgan include Purples, Blues, Silvers, and other Lunar and Water energy colors.    This relates to Morgan’s associations with both the Moon and Water as magical forces.    Morgan’s name literally relates to water meaning something like “born of water” in Welsh.   Morgens are also the name of Water Faeries, making Morgana’s association with this element more pronounced.   I will note that as there are many people that relate Morgan to the Irish War Goddess the Morrigan, the Morrigan’s name means “Great Queen” or “Phantom Queen.”   This is due to the difference between Irish and Welsh languages, so the similar sounding names mean different things.   However, I will say that if we see Morgan and the Morrigan as one in the same, that the meanings of the Morrigan’s name seem to suit Morgan as well!

For me, I personally feel that Morgan is empowered by any of the natural holidays.   She is especially pronounced at those that are associated with Faery energy in particular.    The Vernal Equinox, Beltane, and Midsummer are particularly always associated with the Fae, as is the witchiest day of Samhain, making this both a ghostly holiday and a Fae one!  That being said, the time that feels most like Morgana to me is Autumnal Equinox.   It is the darkening of the season of Autumn that makes the dark Faery energy of the Faery Witch Goddess Morgana more pronounced!   As for the Moon, Morgan is often very associated with the New Moon, that dark burgeoning of energy, but it is also the whole of the cycle that shows all the many aspects of Morgana that makes the whole of the cycle sacred to Her!

Finally, I want to express that all plants and herbs are sacred to Morgana.   She is a Goddess whose first appearance in literature had her as a great healer above all!   This means that herbalism and herbal knowledge is one of the most important aspects of Morgan.   So much so, that even in interpretations where she is a villain she is still seen as gifted with herbs.    As she is always known to be able to both heal and poison (which is the herbal opposite of healing).   This great herbal healing figure will always be at the heart of Morgan le Fay!

I hope that you have enjoyed my brief overview of Sacred objects and times to the Great Goddess Morgana.   What is your favorite thing Sacred to Morgana?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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