Announcing Love Week 2023!

For today’s bonus post, I am very happy to announce this year’s Love Week!   Beginning tomorrow and running through Valentine’s day, as I do each year, White Rose of Avalon becomes a place for Love Stories.   I cannot believe it is already my third annual Love Week!   For this year, I chose to ask my Discord server what more specific theme they would like out of four different options.    One of those options was Faerytale Love Stories and my husband replied on Discord that he would like to see Love Week focused on Beauty and the Beast specifically.   So, as I did not have many people reply and vote, I decided I would take my husband’s advice.   This seemed to be an appropriate decision given that it is Love Week, and I chose my specific theme based on my husband’s idea.   In this way, Love Week 2023 is like a Valentine to my husband, as well as to the rest of my readers!   So the official Love Week 2023 theme is Beauty & the Beast!   I hope my readers will enjoy joining me on a week-long look at Beauty and the Beast as a fairytale, its origins, its impact, and related types of tales.

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