Betwixt & Between Book Review

For today’s post, I have decided to share a book review on Betwixt & Between by Storm Faerywolf.   This book is written by an initiate of the Anderson Faery (or Feri) Tradition of witchcraft.   It is a very interesting read for anyone with a fascination with Faery magical traditions.

I definitely think that the author does a great job of giving a primer on developing a spiritual practice that is based upon the teachings and the eclectic nature of Anderson Feri Tradition.    He does not give away all of the secrets of the tradition, as it is a tradition that one must study under a teacher and become initiated over years in order to learn everything.   Yet, one does get a lot of secrets laid bare in this intriguing magical tome.    I really do adore the way in which the book is set up, layering upon itself as it goes along.    The set up is like that of a magical text-book.   It makes the course of reading one of study, should one choose to do the activities as they go along.    The Anderson Feri Tradition is an interesting type of Faery Witchcraft, as it is very strictly formatted in certain aspects of its practice (even as it encourages its practitioners to be creative and artistic in how they approach the workings).

I think there is a lot to be gained from reading about all forms of Faery magic and Faery lore when one feels drawn to the powerful elemental and wild energy!    While this book is not something that I would follow step-by-step as a how-to guide, it does have useful information to round out my knowledge.   I find checking out books focused on Faery and Avalonian traditions helps to evolve my knowledge base and allows me to develop a spiritual path all my own.    At the end of the day, books like this one can help one learn aspects of magical theory that can be utilized and adapted to suit one’s own needs!    

I hope that you have enjoyed this short review of this really well written book.   I recommend this to Faery loving spiritual people and those who are looking to deepen into their own magic.   Do you think this is a book for you?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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