Friday the 13th and the Divine Feminine

Happy Friday the 13th! No that was not sarcastic, as I truly love this day and this post is all about the reasons why. This is a little bit of a different Femme Fatale Friday.   Instead of simply writing about a specific female figure, character, or real-life woman, I am going to be discussing the concept of the Divine Feminine as it related to Friday the 13th!   Many people only view this day as an unlucky day of the year, and one that should be avoided.   In truth, this day began as one that was associated with the Divine Feminine, in particular in the Norse Pantheon Freya’s most sacred day is Friday the 13th, leading scholars to postulate that the Church began to demonize this day and the number 13, in general, to try to get Pagan women to stop worshipping the Great Goddess Freya.

Friday the 13th is a sacred day to Freya because her day of the week is Friday, which is confirmed as this is a day ruled by Venus, making it a Love Goddess day in general.    Friday is actually named for Freya, or some say Frigg (who is Odin’s wife in Norse myth, however, many also argue that Frigg and Freya are in fact one in the same Goddess).   I actually did a whole YouTube video talking about how they may be the same Goddess, I will link that at the bottom of the post.   The number 13 is actively associated with the Divine Feminine because there are 13 moons in the lunar year.    The moon cycles 13 times every 365 days of the year.    We know that besides governing the tides of the ocean, also mirroring the connection between water and sacred femininity, the moon’s cycle can be said to mirror women’s natural menstrual cycles.    In fact, many of us prefer calling our periods our moon blood or moon time, as it is more empowering and natural than saying period (which makes this time sound more unappealing even though it is something completely natural and important).

With the link between the number 13 and the moon, this day further links Venus and Moon energy on this day.    It also can be said to be sacred to other Love Goddesses, like Aphrodite and Venus.    With the lunar link of the sacred number 13, I see it as being easily linked to any Goddess with lunar ties, such as Morgan le Fay, Rhiannon, Blodeuwedd (especially in her nighttime owl form), Arianhrod, and many more.   I only listed Celtic Goddesses above, but there are countless ones linked to the moon in cultures across the world, like of course Selene and Artemis in the Greek Pantheon.    So, that is why I find that when Friday the 13th comes around I feel more empowered to be my best self, more nurtured by the universe, and more firmly seated in my femininity.    It truly is the day of the Feminine Divine, and of embracing our own Inner Goddess, or in my case Inner Faery Queen Goddess!   In this vein, I encourage my readers to use today to embrace their inner Divine Feminine, whether you are a woman or not (as we all have both masculine and feminine energy inside) instead of looking at Friday the 13th as a day to fear.

I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different Femme Fatale Friday post.   What are your thoughts about Friday the 13th?   Did you like this variation of the traditional Femme Fatale Friday post format?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note: I wanted to also let my readers know that I will be streaming on my Twitch channel with a focus on Friday the 13th tonight at around 7:30 or 8 PM EST for anyone who wants to participate in the discussion on this subject in real-time!   Link to my Twitch channel:

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