Living Dead Dolls: Scary Tales, Snow White Review

For today’s post, I have decided to do something a little bit different.    I want to do a review of Living Dead Dolls: Snow White.   She is part of their Scary Tales collection of dolls and I received her as a Yuletide gift from my amazing husband Andrew!   This was an ideal gift for someone such as myself, who is obsessed with fairytales and folklore.    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is my second favorite faerytale (second only to Sleeping Beauty), making this one of the best gifts I could have received.   She has a very magical and mystical feel, making her even more up my alley! 

The doll is dressed in a gray and white gown with a black cloak.    She is very pale white with electric blue eyes, which have a bit of a haunting quality to them.    Her eyes are the only part of her that may seem to fit the Living Dead Doll’s classically creepy look, which is iconic for the brand.   Her hair is black and curly, falling down her back in waves.   Her lips are blood red, meaning that she has all of the iconic attributes of the faerytale character of Snow White, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (as opposed to Snow White and Rose Red).   Her skin is truly as white as snow, her lips are truly as red as blood, and her hair is truly as black as ebony (to use the faerytale phrasing)!   As a bonus surprise, when I opened her up, to play with her and later find a place for her to be seen as a decor item, I found that she did have an apple that fitted into her hand.   This means that this Snow White has her very own poison apple, she is a Living Dead Doll that comes with the method of her demise as an accessory!   

Like all of the Living Dead Dolls, she came in a coffin box with an inscription describing who she was.    There is a companion doll that is the Evil Queen, but I am so very glad to have gotten her as my first ever Living Dead Doll, as she combines two of my favorite things, faerytales and creepy imagery!   Snow White is both a beautiful doll and a slightly creepy piece of home decor that exemplifies my sense of faerytale and gothic whimsy.    My husband was both happy and a bit amused by just how much I truly loved the doll.    He knew that she was on my Yule wishlist and that I wanted her, but I do not think he realized just how happy receiving this doll would make me!

For anyone who has been contemplating getting themselves one of these collector dolls from Living Dead Doll, I can attest that they are well worth the money you spend on them!   They are truly well-made and lovely, even in their creepiness.   In the case of the Scary Tales Collection (at least for the one I own) they are more beautiful than creepy but give an air of that innate darkness that the oldest forms of faerytales have always had.    That is likely why I have long been so obsessed with fairytales and folklore, the dark origins and the light sweetness appeal to the duality of my personality.   I am both a lover of beauty and of the macabre, you can say!    I hope you have enjoyed this rather unconventional post with my thoughts on my new doll, whom you will see in my YouTube videos, as she is living on my bookshelf that is visible behind me in my videos.    Do you have any Living Dead Dolls?   Do you find them cute, creepy, or both?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note: I want to take a moment to say an extra special Thank You to my amazing husband Andrew for my gift!

Note on Image: The photo at the top of the post is me with my Snow White Doll.