My Top 10 Favorite American Horror Story Characters

For today’s final post in my American Horror Story character countdown series, I will rank my top ten favorite characters in the series.   Like with my other lists, I will not include characters from the current season, which is subject to change.   But the top spots will never be off the list, to be honest!   Without further ado, here’s the list!

Number 10: The Countess (AHS: Hotel)

~The Countess is a badass vampire who lived at the Hotel Cortez.   She was a young actress who wanted nothing more than to become famous.   Her relationship with Rudolph Valentino was an interesting addition, plus I loved the story of how both were turned.   The Countess spent much of her immortal life looking for love, or for the new version of Valentino.   She also was married to James Patrick March and reveled in his blood lust.   She is an interesting and multi-layered character portrayed very well by Lady Gaga.   

Number 9: Delphine LaLaurie (AHS: Coven)

~As I mentioned in my Kathy Bates list, LaLaurie was a great character to see for her first appearance in the series.   She was a sadistic serial killer who was rightfully cursed with immorality and was at times as funny as she was horrid.

Number 8: Marie Laveau (AHS: Coven & Apocalypse)

~The real-life Voodoo Queen made an appearance in this series as an immortal Voodoo witch.   She was portrayed impeccably by Angela Bassett.   I loved getting to see a little more of her in Apocalypse, as she was so entertaining in the previous season.   She was a badass, willing to do anything, including murder, in order to keep her life.   Her interactions with Fiona made for excellent television in particular.

Number 7: Mallory (AHS: Apocalypse)

~The new burgeoning Supreme is so powerful in this second witchy installment that she was eventually able to go back in time to prevent the Apocalypse!   She was smart and sweet, in addition to being just crazy-powerful.   Watching her kill the antichrist with a car is equal parts satisfying and mind-boggling (because a car of all murder weapons).    

Number 6: James Patrick March (AHS: Hotel & Apocalypse)

~As I stated in my Evan Peters list, I think this is the epitome of all of his roles.   March is a seriously dark character, but he is also given a bit of charisma by Peters.   I really enjoyed his scenes with Queenie in Apocalypse, where we see a softer (even bored) side of him!

Number 5: Liz Taylor (AHS: Hotel)

~This is the character that just knocked every other performance of Denis O’Hare’s in this series out of the water!    Liz had a great arc as she came to terms with her gender identity, reunited with her son, found true love (and lost it before finding it again), and did it all while dressing fabulously and having countless witty bon mots!

Number 4: Fiona Goode (AHS: Coven)

~Ah the baddest bitch, I mean witch, of all!   Fiona had no compunctions about killing in order to get her spot as Supreme, or to try killing to keep it!   While she sometimes has the Coven’s best interest at heart, she is usually only out for herself.   I did enjoy her love story with the ax man and the fact that she died in her daughter’s arms, which gave the character some poignance.

Number 3: Myrtle Snow (AHS: Coven & Apocalypse)

~Myrtle is stylish, has biting wit, and was the real mother to Cordelia Goode when Fiona was busier taking care of only herself!   She proved ruthless when need be, like taking vengeance on her witches’ counsel, but always fair, like insisting that she be burned a second time after Cordelia ascended to the Supremecy!   I loved seeing her again in Apocalypse, as she was just as funny as always.   What a memorable character!

Number 2: Misty Day (AHS: Coven & Apocalypse)

~Ah Misty, the hippie swamp witch with a heart of gold.    She is so kind and willing to help, even when it goes against her better judgment.   It is no surprise that Myrtle at one time thinks she may have the makings of the Supreme.  I loved that she got to come back from her personal hell twice in Apocalypse.   She is truly one of the best and most memorable characters in the series!

Number 1: Cordelia Goode (AHS: Coven & Apocalypse)

~I had a very hard time choosing between Misty and Cordelia, as I love them equally, but for this list, I had to give the edge to that great Supreme.   Cordelia is willing to do anything for her Coven, even taking her own life so that Mallory can ascend and with her full powers go back in time to avert the Apocalypse!   To me, this is one of the saddest, yet also most beautiful acts she could have done as a leader!   She overcomes so many trials during the two seasons she was featured in, making her one of the great character arcs within the series!

~I hope you have enjoyed this list.   Thank you for joining me on this journey of exploring the characters of American Horror Story!  Did I include your favorite character?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!