My Top 5 Favorite Lily Rabe Performances on American Horror Story

For today’s post, which is also my Femme Fatale Friday post of this American Horror Story-themed week, I have decided to do a countdown of Lily Rabe’s top five performances on American Horror Story!   Each of these characters has a bit of a Femme Fatale side, so I thought it fitting!   Next week, I will go back to a more traditional Femme Fatale Friday form, but I hope you like this week’s little change-up.   

Number 5: Eileen Wuornos (AHS: Hotel)

~While this is only a guest spot, Rabe’s portrayal of the ghost of infamous serial killer Eileen Wuornos is really fun to watch.   She seemed to really get down the mannerisms of the famous killer and it was obvious that everyone had fun in the scenes, making them very memorable!

Number 4: Shelby Miller (AHS: Roanoke)

~Shelby is a character that moved from LA to her husband’s home state in order to try to recover after a tragic miscarriage.   The two would be tortured by ghosts in their new home, The Big Shaker Mansion, until they eventually escaped.   They would sign on to do a reality series, and later a follow-up after their marriage crumbled.   She is sympathetic, if a sometimes annoying character (at least according to the others who are staying with her for the second show), who goes through great trauma before being killed.   The performance is subtle but well done!     

Number 3: Nora Montgomery (AHS: Murder House)

~In the first season, Rabe played the wife of an elite doctor to the stars who ended up becoming an addict.   This is how he ended up performing illegal abortions in the gorgeous house he built for her (the one that became Murder House).   They ended up having their son murdered by the boyfriend of one of his clients.   Charles would go on to Frankenstein their son back together, creating a monster, and Nora would kill both her husband and herself.   She is a sympathetic yet spoiled character who has to learn the hard way, after decades as a ghost, that she was never cut out to be a mother.  

Number 2: Sister Mary Eunice (AHS: Asylum & Freakshow)

~One of the most interesting dual performances on the show is this one.   Mary Eunice began as a very sweet-tempered nun, but then she becomes the victim of demonic possession, and becomes a really creepy and entertaining villain!   Lily Rabe does an excellent job of balancing both roles this season!

Number 1: Misty Day (AHS: Coven & Apocalypse)

~Of course, Misty is my favorite!   She is the free-spirited, empathetic, Stevie Nicks-loving swamp witch.   She is so powerful she was able to resurrect herself after being burned to death.   She had a kind personality, but still had a tough side, as she always had to take care of herself!   She ended up stuck in her personal hell before being rescued in Apocalypse.   Even with the timeline reset, she got to come back thanks to Papa Legba sending Nan to retrieve her and bring her back to Cordelia!

~I hope you have enjoyed this countdown.  Did I include your favorite Lily Rabe character?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!