Announcing Horror Week!

For today’s bonus post, I am happy to announce that beginning tomorrow it will be Horror Week!   Now, what is Horror Week, you may ask?   Well, it is a whole week of best-of-character countdowns about the show American Horror Story!   I was inspired by re-watching some old seasons recently, and I thought it would be a fun thing to explore here, as the show covers all the creepy and magical things I love with a large dose of history.   That felt like a fitting theme week for White Rose of Avalon!   I will be looking at my favorite portrayals by regulars on the series and will conclude with a favorite character countdown!   There will be several characters that appear on both one of the favorite portrayal lists and the favorite character list (which makes sense).   I will not be including any characters appearing in the current season, so only seasons 1-10 characters will be up for the running on these lists.   This is going to be an interesting week, as I am sure many others have strong opinions on this series, just as I do.    I hope that you will have fun joining me as I explore my current opinions on my favorite American Horror Story characters (as with re-watches opinions can change, but at this point, I doubt any would get bumped from my lists)!