Announcing Gothic Romance Week 2022!

I am very excited to announce the second annual Gothic Romance Week on White Rose of Avalon for this bonus post!   For this year’s Gothic Romance Week I decided to choose a more specific theme.   I asked people on my Discord server to vote on the theme out of two options.   I still do not have many people on there as it is still new, but the consensus was as I expected.   So the theme is The Works of Edgar Allan Poe!   If you would like to participate in this kind of choice in the future, please join my Discord and let me know your thoughts!    

I hope all of my readers will enjoy joining me on this week, beginning tomorrow, to focus on The Works of Edgar Allan Poe!

Note: I do realize that I called it simply Gothic Week last year, but it is the same thing. I just got a bit wordier with the title this year, as well as giving it a more cohesive theme!

Link to my Discord server: