My Top 5 Favorite Gothic Romance Couples

For today’s post, I have decided to do a countdown of the top five Gothic Romance couples that I adore!

Number 5: Lestat & Louis

~My number five choice is the main couple of The Vampire Chronicles.   Lestat and Louis were certainly always meant to be a couple, but could easily be sanitized as just friends.   This is something that Anne Rice herself confirmed, stating that they were married when they were raising Claudia together!   They rank as five, not higher because this is not a story that is over a century old.

Number 4: Mina & Dracula

~I have always wanted Mina to end up with Dracula.   This is not just because of the Francis Ford Coppola movie, as I feel a desire for them to get a happy ending from reading the book, even if they were not technically romantically linked within it (I read between the lines). 

Number 3: Carmilla & Laura

~I am such a fan of Carmilla as my favorite vampire novel, yes it outranks Dracula, but just barely.   The story of this lesbian love affair is painted in a horrific light in the novel, but we do get a more romantic interpretation in some of the adaptations.   The most obvious romantic re-imagining of this tale is with the web series and the subsequent film!   I really love both the web series and the film and would recommend it to any lover of this tale.

Number 2: Christine & Erik

~Anyone who knows me knows that I seriously ship Christine Daae and Erik, the Phantom of the Opera!   I always wanted an extra chapter that showed Erik to be alive and for them to be able to be together.   Alas, the actual ending of him dying to protect the woman he loved and his redemption is in itself a beautifully tragic ending!

Number 1: Catherine & Heathcliff 

~Is anyone surprised that these two ranked number one?   My regular reader is unlikely to be surprised, as I have spoken about my adoration of this novel, Wuthering Heights, on many occasions.   I love the tale of Cathy and Heathcliff growing from childhood friends to lovers to being torn apart.   The best part is they end up as ghosts together haunting the Moors!

Special Mention: Dorian Gray and Himself

~While this did not rank in the top five, I just could not resist mentioning it!   Dorian Gray had a great love story, with himself.   The whole novel tells of a man who is truly in love with himself!   

~I hope that you have enjoyed this countdown.   Did your favorite Gothic couple rank?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!