All of Jane Austen’s Heroines Ranked

For today’s post, I would like to do a countdown of all of Jane Austen’s heroines.    

Number 8: Fanny Price

~Fanny is honestly the most annoying character in the Austen universe.    The main character of Mansfield Park is overshadowed by the other characters.   She is really someone that is beyond boring and her love story was not good!

Number 7: Elinor Dashwood

~Elinor is the ‘Sense” of Sense and Sensibility.   She is smart and very logical, not showing much of her emotions on her sleeve, but she is very loving and earnest.

Number 6: Anne Elliot

~Anne is the oldest of the main Austen heroines.    She is the one that regrets losing love and eventually gets a second chance with the man she has loved for nearly a decade.

Number 5: Catherine Moreland

~Catherine is creative and prone to flights of fancy and is the protagonist of  Northanger Abbey.   This is played up by the Gothic Romance parody of the plot.

Number 4: Lady Susan Vernon

~Lady Susan is the titular character of the short novella written before the other full-length novels.   She is the oldest of all Austen’s heroines, which makes her older than Anne even.   I separate her due to her being a totally different type of Austen character, as she is manipulative and calculating!   I really adore this anti-heroine.

Number 3: Emma Woodhouse

~Emma is the titular character of a really beautiful work of fiction.   She is very wealthy and privileged.   She adores being a matchmaker who does not look for love herself.   In the end, she falls for the man that was there all along!

Number 2: Marianne Dashwood

~Marianne is the younger sister of Elinor and the Sensibility of the title.   She is known to be sensitive and emotional.   Marianne is a true romantic with great beliefs in true love!

Number 1: Lizzie Bennett

~Lizzie is the ultimate Austen heroine!   Who else but the lead character of Pride and Prejudice could have been number one?   She is the one whom everyone wants to be, as who wouldn’t love to be so independent and still get the love of the wealthiest man in the novel?   She and Darcy have one of the greatest enemies to lovers’ stories ever!

~I hope that you have enjoyed this countdown.   Who is your favorite Austen heroine? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!