Mabon Poem

For today’s post, I have decided to share a poem I have written about today’s holiday!   I adore the Autumnal Equinox and the season as a whole, so this poem is a tribute to that.


by Maranda Wabik

Summer turning to Fall

As the second


Reaps what

 Has been


Crisp air

Mirrors crisp leaves

Colors of

Autumn blast out

The greenery

Becomes tinged

By fire

Apples and pumpkins

Ripen to perfection

Cozy sweaters

And fresh clean air

Make this time

Truly magical

It is the 

Season of the Witch!

Note: Did you know that another name Pagans sometimes refer to Mabon as is The Feast of Avalon?   That makes Mabon a holiday certainly linked to this blog, as much so as Samhain and Beltane (as Guinevere is so linked to May Day)!

~I hope you have enjoyed this poem.   Have a very Happy and Blessed Mabon.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!