The High Priestess Morgana

Welcome back to Morgan le Fay Week at White Rose of Avalon! For the final day of Morgan le Fay Week, I have decided to look at Morgan as Priestess.   The role of Priestess is one of the most common that is attributed to Morgan over the course of the many tellings of her story.

In Geoffrey of Monmouth’s earliest reference to her, she is chief amongst nine sisters who are all Healers, as well as Priestesses, living on the Isle of Avalon!   She is stated as being the most powerful of all the sisters, this makes it an obvious conclusion that she is in fact the High Priestess in charge of Avalon.   This role as High Priestess can also be referred to as the Lady of Avalon and the Lady of the Lake!

Many versions of the legends state frankly that Morgan le Fay would become a Lady of the Lake when she went to Avalon, after tiring of trying to bring down her brother’s kingdom.   In these tellings, Morgan is the newest in a lineage of powerful magical women who rule over the island and work magic.   Earlier Ladies of the Lake include Nimue and Vivienne.   For scholars there can some debate over whether there were truly multiple Ladies of the Lake.    Some scholars even argue that each of the Ladies of the Lake are mere reflexes of Morgana herself!

If she was in fact each Lady of the Lake, in turn, just using a different guise through Faery Glamour, that would surely prove her role as a Great Goddess.   I believe that it is easy to see her being able to transform herself and become each Lady in turn.   It is a proven fact that she was incredibly powerful at transformational magick, as she is even a Goddess associated with transformation and sorcery.

The final point I would like to make is that in many versions of Avalonian witchcraft today the term “Morgen” is used for the Priestesses in the tradition.   This makes a lot of sense when one factor is that the other nine sisters of Avalon as each referred to as Morgens in honor of their most powerful leader!   I hope that you have enjoyed this short analysis of Morgan as a High Priestess.   I would like to thank everyone for joining me this week as we went on this mystical journey into Avalon to meet Morgan le Fay!   What was your favorite aspect of Morgan le Fay?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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