Faery Lover Morgana

Welcome back to Morgan le Fay Week at White Rose of Avalon! For day two of Morgan le Fay Week, I have decided to cover Morgan as Faery Lover.   Faery Lover is the sexual aspect of Morgana who would use her feminine wiles to seduce many knights.   It is also this aspect that shows her in a more romantic light than other aspects.   It can be seen as another step on the Faery’s journey after the Enchantress!   

As the Faery Lover Morgan le Fay is also embodying much of the archetypal Flower Bride.   This is a further link to figures like Guinevere and Blodeuwedd.   Both of them are Springtime Goddesses associated with the Flower Bride archetype!   Morgan as Faery Lover is likewise a figure who embraces her sexuality freely and emboldens others to embrace theirs!

Morgan is at her most sexually potent during this ripe time.    We can learn to embrace our own sexuality and love ourselves more deeply by embracing the Faery Lover.   In many ways, Morgan as Faery Lover can be seen as similar to Aphrodite in her embracing of love in all respects!   I think one of the most potent magicks for Faery Lover Morgana is to develop self-love and enhance your own self-image.   Heightening our own self-worth is something that many of us could seriously benefit from in the long term.   In this journey of the Faery, healthily embracing our sexuality leads to further acceptance of our own body as a temple of divine embodiment.

It must be remembered that Faery and sexuality are always linked because faeries do not have the same hangups about sex as humans do.   They fully embrace their love of sexuality and see it as an act of divinity.   This is why we often hear the term sacred union in reference to sex in the Pagan World.   Sex is not simply a physical act, it is also a deeply spiritual experience that should be honored and cherished!   Faery Lovers know that sex is not something to fear or think of as dirty.   It is a natural and powerful experience that promotes physical health and well-being!   By working to erase the stigma that still hangs around sex in the Western World we can begin to heal the wounds that each of us has around this most potent part of ourselves.    The energy of the Faery Lover is a soothing way to begin to learn to embrace our bodies as both beautiful and sexual in the most healthy way!   I hope you have enjoyed this short analysis of the Faery Lover Morgan le Fay.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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