My Top 5 Witchy Television Shows

I will be doing a companion to yesterday’s countdown of favorite witchy films for today’s post.

Number 5: The Secret Circle

~This one sadly only had one season.   It was based on the series of books by L.J. Smith and produced by The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson.   Unfortunately, the production costs ended up outweighing the viewership.   The story followed teen-aged Cassie Blake as she found out she was a witch and found her coven!

Number 4: The Witches of East End

~Based on the novels by Melissa de la Cruz, this series followed two sisters and their mother and aunt as they live with curses.   They are witches cursed by their father/grandfather in special ways.   Both Freya and Ingrid get reborn over and over again as they die young!

Number 3: Its a Tie

Sabrina the Teenage Witch & The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

~Both the 90s sitcom and the recent reboot tell the tale of Sabrina Spellman beginning on her 16th birthday.   I truly equally enjoy both versions, as each brings a unique spin on the tale, so I had to give them a tie!   I will say that I do not like the idea of witches being thought of as only satanic, but this one does a good job of showing witches and satanism are not intrinsically linked as they end up worshipping Hekate, which is much more realistic!   I do appreciate the many-layered approach to magic, that it is done in different ways by different people, as that is likewise realistic.   

Number 2: Bewitched

~The iconic 60s sitcom about the witch Samantha and her wacky family always delights!   I love this one so much that my ringtone is the theme song and my text tone is the witch twitch!

Number 1: Charmed

~No other show could have been my number one, as this is my favorite television show of all time!   The show began in 1998 and is about the Charmed Ones, a trio of witch sisters.   It shows them from their twenties and into their thirties as they grow in magic as well as in life!

Special Mention: A Discovery of Witches

~I had to acknowledge the amazing nature of this television adaptation of the great series of novels.   I did not rank this in my top five because it is about vampires and daemons as much as witches, while the others are more centered on witches alone!   I adore the love story and epic nature of this series!

~I hope you enjoyed this countdown.  Did I include your favorite witchy television show?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!