My Top 5 Favorite Witchy Films

For today’s post, I have decided to do a countdown of my top five favorite witchy films.

Number 5: Witches of Eastwick

~My number five choice is this classic 80s magical romp based on the popular book.   It is fun to watch these three women embrace their innate magic.   As a bonus, Jack Nicholson as the Devil is iconic!

Number 4: I Married a Witch

~This adorable 40s screwball comedy sees Veronica Lake as a reincarnated witch from the Salem Witch Trials seeking revenge on her persecutors’ ancestor, only to accidentally fall in love with him!

Number 3: Hocus Pocus

~I love this Halloween classic so much!    I do not think I need to elaborate on this tale of witches accidentally brought to the modern world of 1993, as most people have seen it.   I cannot wait to see what Disney did with the sequel that will premiere later this month!

Number 2: Bell, Book and Candle

~This is the romantic comedy done right!   Gillian is a witch who seeks to seduce a man named Shep in order to get revenge on her old college rival, who happens to be his fiancee.   Things go haywire when Gillian truly falls in love with Shep!   It gets major bonus points for the cast, especially Jack Lemmon as Gillian’s brother.

Number 1: The Craft & Practical Magic

~Ok, so I could not pick one, as both of these are tied as my all-time favorite witchy films.   As this is my list, I decided I would have both as number one!

~The Craft is famously the story of Sarah, who as the new girl in school falls in with a clique of witches.   They form a coven and have a grand time seeing their spells work!   In the end, things turn dark, but Sarah becomes an even more powerful witch as a result of the trials and tribulations that she has endured!   The film gets major points for its realistic portrayal of witchcraft.

~Practical Magic is the iconic film based on the equally iconic Alice Hoffman novel.   Sally and Gillian are sisters from a lineage of witches.   The film looks at their lives as they come back together after years apart.   It is a love story of friendship and sisterhood, as well as a truly realistic witch film!

~I hope you have enjoyed this countdown.   Did I include your favorite witchy film?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!