Twilight Faery Living

For today’s post, I have decided to discuss how to live in the twilight, as well as how this applies to my Faery lifestyle!   The twilight is the realm between the light and the dark.   Interestingly, this is where many of the Faery Goddesses and Gods reside, as Faeryland is a land of twilight and an in-between place.

This is also where those that are living the Faery lifestyle are living their lives.   We know that life is not simply beings of light or beings of darkness.   In truth, we have many shades of grey.   I know that I am a complex individual who is not afraid to do a deep dive into my innermost depths to learn about my shadow aspect.   Living in the twilight is to be in the process of finding a balance.

In a way, this is exemplified by the Temperance card in the Tarot.   It is about being willing to strike a balance between the negative and the positive.   Faery beings are known to not have a traditional view of what humans would consider normal.   They are known to cry at happy times and laugh at sad times.   This is something that exemplifies their otherness.

The Otherworldly nature of the faery also lends us to this view of them as living within the twilight.    They are known as beings of the in-between.   Faeryland is between this time and another, between this world and the next.   It is a time outside of time!   Faery beings, by extension, are intimately linked to the nature of being between.   Twilight is the time between other times.   It is between night and day or day and night, but not really being either.

Faery Goddesses are also thought of as twilight in their nature.   Morgan le Fay is thought of as a Dark Goddess often, but as she is also connected to lighter aspects of nature she is truly a Twilight Goddess!   The same can be said of Rhiannon, who is often associated with love and light, but also is a Goddess of Dreams and Death.    Another example is Blodeuwedd, who was literally made of flowers, linking her to the light, but she is also a Goddess cursed to be a hunting bird of the night, an owl.   In this way, she is truly of this duality and the between of twilight!     I hope that you have enjoyed this short post about how Faery living and Twilight times are connected.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!