The Importance of Ancestral Memory

For today’s post, I have decided to write about the concept of ancestral memory.   It is my birthday week and I always feel close to lost loved ones the time around my birthday.   Today is actually the birthday of my favorite aunt, whom I lost over two decades ago.

This means that I always feel incredibly close to her on this day, the day before my own birthday.   I feel like she is with me all day on this anniversary of her birth.   It is a very comforting thing to have her near me, even all this time after her death.   This very concept of feeling close to loved ones whom we have lost exemplifies the concept of ancestral memory.

Ancestral memory is remembering and being close to those that have come before us.   It can go deeper to also include ancestors who died long before our lifetime.   It is a very empowering way of looking at our powerful and innate magick within.   The lives of our ancestors impact things like our natural proclivities and genetic predispositions towards certain behaviors.   In our lives, these genetic predispositions can either be triggered by us behaving or developing certain mental illnesses.

We can also look into what sort of myths our ancestors believed to find out more about our own inner truths.   This could even be a connection to Faery ancestors, that some of us could find we have a connection to.   After all, it is said that most people of Irish ancestry have at least one Faery ancestor in their bloodline!   It could also reveal inner truths by having us feel a connection to the beliefs of our ancestors.  This ancestral mythology for me is the connection to my love of Celtic folklore and Arthurian legends.   I have Celtic ancestry on my mother’s side through my grandfather being of Irish and English descent!    I have written about ancestral mythology before and I stand by what I have said and have even developed a greater understanding of this in my day-to-day life.

I hope that you have enjoyed learning about my thoughts on ancestral memory.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!