The Top 5 Goddesses I Feel a Connection With

For today’s post, I have decided to do a countdown of the five Goddesses that I feel the most connection to.   These five are very important in my life, as well as inspiring to my work here on White Rose of Avalon!   To be clear, I am not saying one is better than any others, this is just based on the order in which I feel connected to them.

Note (10/15/2022): I have just updated this list to include Persephone. I began to feel very uncomfortable that she was not on the list, so it now contains six main Goddesses and two special mentions. This is certainly much more accurate of the Goddesses I feel a deep connection with now!

Number 6: Freya

~Freya is the Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War.   She is one of the most widely worshipped Great Goddesses whom the Christian Church took pains to character assassinate in order to prevent her worship!

Number 5: Blodeuwedd

~Blodeuwedd was a Goddess of Seasonal Sovereignty who was made of flowers to be the bride of Llew Llaw Gyffes.   She embraced her own inner sovereignty by falling in love with another and plotting the destruction of her husband in order to be with the man she loved.   This led her to be cursed into being an owl!

Number 4: Rhiannon

~Rhiannon is, like Blodeuwedd, a Sovereignty Goddess and Faery Queen.   Her marriage to Pwyll was what cemented his being a King.   The disappearance of her son left her accepting an unfair punishment.   This was luckily reversed when he was finally returned to her!

Number 3: Persephone

~The Greco-Roman Goddess of Springtime and Death should always have had this spot on the list. I am updating it to add her, as she is one that I do feel deeply connected with, probably as much so as Aphrodite. That is why I put her here at spot three. I believe I did not initially add her because I was trying to keep this post to just five main Goddesses and only wanted one Greek and one Norse, but I have since felt uncomfortable with that choice. Persephone is a truly primordial deity who has a complex duality and has as much governance over the dead as her husband Hades! I also admire Persephone and Hades as the most functional relationship in Greek myth.

Number 2: Aphrodite/Venus

~The Greco-Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty is actually a much more complex and multifaceted Goddess than she is usually given credit for!   She is a truly Great Goddess that has dominion over all aspects of love, making her an integral part of most people’s lives!   After all, what is life without love?

Number 1: Morgan le Fay

~Morgana is often seen as simply the human sorceress sister of King Arthur who plotted the downfall of Camelot.    Here at White Rose of Avalon, I work to shed light on all aspects of this important Goddess.   She is a Goddess of Magic and a Faery Queen whom Geoffrey of Monmouth gave the task of being an important healer and leader of a Ninefold Sisterhood in Avalon!    She is often seen to be a later incarnation of both Irish War Goddess the Morrigan and Welsh Mother Goddess Modron, showing her having been worshipped for centuries in many Celtic lands before being written about under the name Morgan le Fay!

Special Mentions: These two are still very important to me, but as I can sometimes see them as further reflexes of Morgana, I chose to do them as special mentions here!


~Another Irish Faery Queen, whose most important claim to fame is her desire to steal a bull from Ulster to win a contest with her husband!   Her name means “she who intoxicates” and she is a powerful Faery Goddess for those who work with Glamour!


~The final Irish Faery Queen I will mention is the one who is seen to have a connection to mermaids in her maiden form, as she is a Triple Goddess.   She is deeply associated with the fertility of the land, as myth has it she literally gave birth to wheat as if it was a baby!

~I hope you have enjoyed this countdown.   Do you feel drawn to any of these Goddesses, as I do?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!