My YouTube Comeback

For this bonus post, I want to announce that beginning last week I started uploading YouTube videos again! I am so glad that I have decided to record more content, as I have been missing making videos. My YouTube has not gotten as much success or as many views as my blog, which is why I stopped uploading several months ago. But, I have decided that I will continue to post videos, as I enjoy doing them! I know in time my video audience will grow, just as my blog has happily continued to grow. I also have created a page here on White Rose of Avalon that features my favorite videos. I hope my readers will consider supporting me in this endeavor, as well as here with my writing! My YouTube channel is Enchantress of Avalon and my content is much the same as it is here. Finally, I want to thank all of my readers and followers, as I appreciate your support so much!