Why Klaroline Should Have Been Endgame

Welcome to the final day of Vampire Week!   For today’s final post, I have decided to discuss why I think Caroline and Klaus should have ended up together.   I will first just point out that the characters had massive amounts of chemistry together.   Plus Klaus literally promised to be her “last love” in the final episode of season four.

As for the title of this post, if you did not know Klaroline is the ship name of Klaus and Caroline.   Hence why I used it here for this post title.   Oh and endgame means ending up together in the finale of a series!   Now that I have covered that I will begin to explain my reason for loving these two as a couple.

Some people have claimed that Caroline and Klaus ending up together would have been out of character for Caroline, as she is all about love, light, and sweetness.   Now I do not agree with this at all!   Caroline may be purely a good guy, however, she is someone who has a history of being attracted to bad boys.   She slept with Damon at the very beginning of the show and even her first love Tyler was a total dick!   Caroline and Klaus could have been a great pair, as both are very intelligent and love art.   In addition, Caroline and Klaus could have been a great beauty and the beast type love story.   With Caroline softening Klaus, as she already proved to do so in the series, and Klaus makes Caroline think deeper and be more emphatic towards people who do bad things.

In the series we see them change each other in these ways even if they are just friends, strangely.   It is Klaus that gets Caroline to admit she likes herself better as a vampire.   In this way, it is Klaus that makes Caroline accept herself more fully.   The two of them help one another see life in a way that is more than black and white.   They prove to each other that no one is just purely a good guy or a villain!   Additionally, it is Caroline that makes Klaus realize that he does not always have to guard his heart because there are people who will love him.   Caroline opens him to this and his daughter Hope really cements this for him!    I think other than Klaus’ daughter Caroline’s biggest impact on Klaus and his emotional well-being.

Finally, I think all of their scenes are some of the best on the show.   Even the phone call after Caroline gives birth or the letter Klaus sends her with the donation when she and Alaric open their school in the series finale!   All of this leads me to long for them to have been given a real chance at love.   At the end of the day, all we actually get is one hookup in the woods and a kiss in the finale of The Originals.   It all just makes me sad because of what could have been!    

Well, this brings us to the close of Vampire Week!   Thank you for joining me on this Vampire Week journey.   I hope that you have enjoyed this short post.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is from the famous hookup in the woods in the 100th episode.   I found the image on https://the-originals-fanfiction.fandom.com/wiki/Klaus_and_Caroline.

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