My Top 5 Worst The Vampire Diaries Couples

Welcome to day four of Vampire Week!   I have decided to do a companion piece to yesterday’s post.   I will be doing a countdown of the five worst The Vampire Diaries couples this time! In a way, we can look at these as the bottom five. Without further ado, here’s the countdown.

Number 5: Isobel and Alaric

~This doomed pair is really just tragic in all the worst ways.   I think the fact that she was willing to abandon him to become a vampire is a pathetic show of how terrible their relationship truly was.  Lest we not forget that Meredith Fell found out that Isobel had taken out a restraining order on him before eventually marrying him!

Number 4: Vicky and Jeremy

~These two were just plain toxic from the jump.   It all started in a drug haze and only progressed because he was trying to save the pathetic druggie girl.   It is the classic male with a hero complex falling for a damsel in distress.   Honestly, it bored me from the get-go.

Number 3: Bonnie and Jeremy

~Let me be totally honest here, I have never liked Jeremy in the least!   There I said it.   To be honest, Bonnie always deserved better than the poor excuse for a relationship that he was willing to give her.  Plus, I mean forgiving him after he cheated on her with his ghost ex?   It’s all really sad.

Number 2: Esther and Mikael

~I think the fact that we learn that their relationship was built on Esther leaving her sister to marry the enemy makes the fact that their relationship was so toxic make total sense.    He was a Viking warrior that she feared, so she married him rather than trying to fight for her freedom.    This toxicity would only serve to damage their children!

Number 1: Caroline and Alaric

~Real talk, all of Alaric’s relationships were bad.   Either they were inappropriate or they were doomed.   This one was both; we remember that he started out as her high school history teacher!   Caroline was only in a pseudo-relationship with Alaric because they raised the twins together.  It was purely for the children, exemplified by the fact that they didn’t share a room and she never bothered to plan a wedding!   This poor excuse for a relationship was luckily cut short by her and Stefan reconciling.

~I hope you have enjoyed this countdown.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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