My Top 5 The Vampire Diaries Couples

Welcome to day three of Vampire Week.   For today’s post, I have decided to do a countdown of my five favorite The Vampire Diaries couples.

Number 5: Rebekah and Stefan

~My number five pick may seem a bit strange.   However, I really loved the dynamic between Stefan and Rebekah as we got to see them in the Jazz Age flashbacks in season 3.   They were the perfect badass vampire couple who would create havoc everywhere they went!

Number 4: Bonnie and Enzo

~It took until halfway through season seven, but they finally gave Bonnie a good romantic storyline.   Enzo was finally a man who was worthy of Bonnie and willing to put her first.   It is utterly tragic that they never got a happy ending!

Number 3: Elena and Damon

~Although I will admit to being a Stelena shipper in the early seasons of the show, I quickly became a full-on Delena shipper once I saw them as a real couple in season 5!   They balance one another well, making for a sweet dynamic.

Number 2: Caroline and Stefan

~I felt that this had to be one of the best relationships in terms of organic development to take place on the show.   It felt completely natural that Caroline and Stefan would go from being acquaintances to friends to best friends to lovers.   The realism of this story arc made for their sad ending being a bitter-sweet love letter to what could have been.

Number 1: Caroline and Klaus

~When I was ranking my favorite couples who should have ended up together I ranked these two as number two on that list.   It was a very close second place, nearly tying, to be honest.   With that being said it should be no surprise that this is my absolute favorite pairing in all of The Vampire Diaries universe!   I know that they never technically got to be together fully, only a few kisses and one hot hookup in the woods, but they had the potential, charisma, and chemistry to become the ultimate power couple of the show’s universe!   This is the one that really hurts, as they were perfect for one another.   Some have said Caroline would never go for Klaus because it was “not in character for her” however I have to disagree.   She proved in episode two that she had a thing for bad boys when she hooked up with Damon.   Tyler, who was her true first love, was likewise a total dick.   Therefore, having Klaus be her epic “last love” would not have been out of character in my opinion!

~I hope you have enjoyed this countdown.   Did I include your favorite couple?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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