Spiritualism, Mysticism, and Occultism

For today’s post, I have decided to cover a series of interrelated subjects.   Many have heard of spiritualism because that is the term that was used by nineteenth-century mediums that made waves and had legions of fans.   Mysticism is basically oracle work, the usage of many different ways of predicting the future.   Occultism is the study and practice of magic using secret knowledge (which is the definition of the word occult).

Spiritualists of the nineteenth century were often charlatans who used the gullible and desperate to make money.   In some ways, they can be said to have helped people by giving them needed answers, even if they were false.   It also shows real mediums who have the ability to contact the dead in a bad light.   Now, in modern times there are several famous mediums who are well respected, as well as many who simply use their gifts quietly and do not desire attention!   However, those early spiritualists were targeted by none other than Harry Houdini himself, as he desperately wanted to believe in them (as he wanted to contact his dearly departed mother) but only found people using the same illusions he used to con people!

Mysticism is the use of psychic abilities to predict the future.   This could be through peering into a crystal ball, or mirror and water scrying.   It also can be done using tarot and oracle cards, or runes of all sorts to make predictions!   Readings of all sorts can be performed by Mystics or Oracles, qualifying as forms of mysticism.

Occultism is the broadest of the subjects that we are covering in this post.   Occultism is simply using hidden knowledge in some way, usually through magical rites.   As I mentioned above occult simply means hidden knowledge.   Occultism can also simply mean studying old occult lore in which to gain a deeper understanding of occult practices.   This means that in opposition to the other two subjects of this post, one need not actually practice a magical art in order to practice occultism!
I hope you have enjoyed this brief overview.   What do you think of spiritualism, mysticism, and occultism?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is Morgan le Fay practicing magic.   I found the image on https://aminoapps.com/c/pagans-witches/page/item/morgan-le-fay/2vz1_5BnIwIxdj6joNGGql18153LLXNM7Kv.

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