Enchantress or Sorceress

For today’s post, I have decided to briefly look for the differences between two witchy archetypes, the Enchantress and the Sorceress.   While both of these archetypes are interrelated and can be embraced concurrently, they have their own energies.

The Enchantress is associated with springtime and fire.   She is youthful energy and a sexy fiery practitioner of magic.   This archetype is someone that uses herb craft and faery magical energy to create change in the world around her!   She is the lighter version of the two magical archetypes we are looking at in this post.   In many ways, she is sassy and sweet with an innocent sensuality that enthralls those around her!   This archetype is the one that embraces her magic to make her life better, often casting love spells, and can be associated with sex magick.

The Sorceress is associated with autumn and darker shadow magic.   She is more mature with a more grounded usage of magical energy.   This archetype is one that is often associated with the classic vision of the Halloween witch and High Priestess!   Her darker nature is viewed through her maturity as well as through her shadow work.   This darkness is not something that needs to be dangerous, as it is often more about self-knowledge and evaluation through shadow work. 

One great example of a figure that embraces both of these archetypes perfectly is the Goddess and Arthurian witch Morgana le Fay!   Morgana is most often thought of in her darker sorceress aspect, as she is best remembered today as the villain who sought to end Camelot.   However, she is also very much the Enchantress who cast spells on the knights.  The Enchantress Morgan is the one that would have entrapped Lancelot in her magical castle, where he would paint murals of his love for Guinevere on the walls of his room.   The Enchantress Morgan is the one who would likewise capture knights in the Val Sans Retour, Her Valley of No Return!    Both the Sorceress Morgana and the Enchantress Morgana are equally magical and powerful.   They are simply different in the types of magic they use to manifest their will!

I hope that you have enjoyed this short discussion of the difference between the Enchantress and the Sorceress archetypes.   For the record, I have always felt very in tune with the Enchantress archetype.   For this reason, I often work as more of an Enchantress, but during the Autumn I tend to try my hat at embracing more of my  Sorceress archetype.    Do you feel more at home as an Enchantress or as a Sorceress?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is an Enchantress working magic.   I found the image on https://www.peakpx.com/en/hd-wallpaper-desktop-kvdjk.

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