My Top 5 Female The Originals Characters

For today’s post, I have decided to do a companion piece to my top five countdown of favorite The Vampire Diaries characters.   This one is my five favorite female characters on the spin-off series The Originals.

Number 5: Freya Mikaelson

~My number five choice is the Original witchy eldest child Freya.   We first meet her in the second season, but she proves to be an integral part of the family from then on!

Number 4: Hope Mikaelson

~Hope is the daughter of Klaus and Hayley.   She was born in the season one finale and thanks to time jumps in the fourth and fifth seasons we get to see her as a young girl and teenager!   She is a very sensitive and intelligent young girl who will become a very powerful badass tribrid as she ages!

Number 3: Hayley Marshall-Kenner

~Hayley is the werewolf princess who gets pregnant after a one-night stand with Klaus in season four of The Vampire Diaries.   This leads to her becoming one of the main characters in this spin-off series.   One of her most exciting storylines was her love story with Klaus’ brother Elijah!

Number 2: Davina Claire (Mikaelson)

~Davina is a young sixteen-year-old witch with more power than she can handle when we meet her at the beginning of the first season.   It is a beautiful thing to see her grow and evolve as the series progressed!   She takes on leadership of her coven, actually several covens, and manages to work spells that were thought nearly impossible.   My favorite thing that happens to her is that she ends up falling in love with, even eventually marrying, Kol Mikaelson! 

Number 1: Rebekah Mikaelson

~My number one could not be anyone other than Rebekah.   She even ranked very high in my The Vampire Diaries female character countdown as well!   Rebekah is the younger of the Original sisters and she is a spoiled, but ultimately very loyal woman.   We see many sides to her in this spin-off, even her motherly side when she takes care of Hope for several months after she was born (when they had to hide her for her safety).   It is very telling that even though Klaus had claimed to banish her, he knew that there was no one he could trust more with the safety of his infant daughter!   Klaus and Rebekah had a very special bond amongst the Original siblings, Rebekah often admitting he was her favorite brother (even if Elijah was the “good brother”).   Another thing we get to see here is Rebekah finding true love, as we already knew she was a romantic looking for love in The Vampire Diaries.   In The Originals we see flashbacks of her love story with Marcel, eventually seeing them rekindling this flame that never really burned out!    They are even confirmed to be married in Legacies!   Rebekah deserves the number one spot for her character development alone.   I also want to mention how special it was to see her willing to possess a witch body in order to learn magic, as this was something we always knew she was capable of as the daughter of a witch.   It made for a satisfying way to tie up that plot line.  

~I hope that you have enjoyed this countdown.   Did I include your favorite?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!