My Top 5 Female The Vampire Diaries Characters

For today’s post, I have decided to do a countdown of my five favorite female characters from one of my favorite supernatural shows of all time.   There were many interesting female figures over the course of The Vampire Diaries’ eight-year run.   These five stood out amongst the rest and that is the reason why I wanted to do this list.   

Number 5: Elena Gilbert

~Elena was the main character for the first six seasons of the show.   While I adored her character in the books upon which the series is based, I felt her overly toned-down characterization in the show got boring!   I do understand that they feared making her appear too bitchy to be relatable in the early episodes, but they never let her have the sass or wit that she had in the novels.   That sass and wit are exactly what I found relatable, so this is why she likely got tedious for me to watch!   

Number 4: Katherine Pierce aka Katerina Petrova

~Katherine is by far the most interesting doppelgänger character in the series.   She is a total bitch and villain throughout the series’ eight-season run.   This is especially true of the early second season, the mid to late fifth season, and the end of the final season.   However, she is not an unsympathetic character, as we get to learn why she had so many issues.   Her loss of her daughter, and subsequent finding of her as an adult, certainly made for someone who was only out for themselves because anyone else could prove to hurt you if they left!

Number 3: Bonnie Bennett

~Bonnie is one of the most powerful witchy characters in the show’s history.   She is from a long line of powerful witches, the Bennett bloodline.   She is also the character who made the most sacrifices to help her loved ones throughout the whole series!   She honestly deserved better than what she got, as her loyalty was not rewarded.

Number 2: Rebekah Mikaelson

~Rebekah is another character who can be seen as a villain, but not unsympathetic.   She was long under the thumb of her brother, not getting a proper chance at love.   As a hopeless romantic, true love and a family of her own are all she ever wanted!   Luckily, she gets her true love in The Originals, making her one with a happy ending!

Number 1: Caroline Forbes

~Now, no other character could have ranked as number one here!   Caroline is actually very different from her book counterpart.   In fact, she is very similar to the book version of Elena!   This is probably why I most related to her, as she is very much like the character I most related to in the novels.   She is loving and kind, but also a neurotic control freak.   It makes for a balanced and entertaining character to watch!   Sadly, she too did not get her happy ending.   She was widowed just after her wedding.   It is even sadder that the man that had long ago promised to be her “last love” died before they ever got a real chance to be together on The Originals!   I have said it before, but I will say it again, I have always been a huge shipper of Caroline and Klaus.   This is largely due to the fact that I think they had electric chemistry and that they brought out the best in one another!   Plus Klaus was literally the only person to choose Caroline first, and she deserved better than being anyone’s second choice!

~I hope that you have enjoyed this countdown.   Do you agree with my rankings?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!