The Pirate Captain In Love

For today’s post, I have decided to share a short story I have written about a pirate and a mermaid. 

The Pirate Captain In Love

by Maranda Wabik

There once was a Pirate Captain named Killian Ravenswood.   He led a group of scurvy dogs on his ship which he called Siren’s Song.   This ship’s name would end up serving as an omen to what would happen to this pirate.

One stormy day on the seven seas Captain Ravenswood got alerted to some ruckus happening on deck.   He rushed up from his cabin to assess the situation.   Nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to witness.   You see, his crew had drawn up something greatly unexpected in their nets.   

Her name was Marina.   She had flowing auburn hair and hazelnut brown eyes.   Oh, and did I mention she was a mermaid!    Her turquoise tail was the first thing that Killian saw when he stepped foot on deck.   “What the fuck do we have here?” Was all that he could ask.

“Aye Captain, we have picked up a mermaid!   I thought that they were just fiction that we told ourselves on long lonely journeys.” Replied his first mate, Simmons.

“Clearly, I am not a work of fiction!   Now, if you don’t mind removing me from this insidious net, I can make myself more comfortable and answer the numerous questions that I am sure you have.” The mermaid interrupted.

Simmons fell over in shock upon hearing her speak in perfect English.   Killian laughed good-naturedly and went on to untangle the mermaid from her netting.   “So my dear mermaid what can I call you?” He asked with a smirk.

“My name is Marina.   And I thank you Captain for releasing me.   Your crew seemed much too shocked to be of much help.” Was her reply.

Another shock happened as both Captain and the first mate saw the mermaid transform.   Marina’s tail turned into a pair of legs!   “Captain Ravenswood, was it?   Would you mind greatly if I borrowed one of your shirts?   I believe it will be long enough for me to fashion into a short shift.” Marina asked with a radiant smile.

Killian nodded and sent Simmons to fetch his best shirt.   “Marina, may I ask how you learned to speak English?   You do speak perfectly.” Was his inquiry. 

Marina nodded and her auburn hair flowed over her chest, the only thing keeping her dignity.   “Mermaids can speak any language that humans speak around port cities.   If we can get close enough to hear we can learn to speak it!   I also speak several dialects of dolphin and whale.”

At this point, Simmons had returned with Killian’s shirt and Marina was able to cover herself.   “Ah, thank you, Captain Ravenswood!   I feel much more put together now.   I am ready to speak candidly about my life under the sea.”

“Please, call me Killian.   Now, as for questions.   First of all, how do you have legs?”

“Mermaids are transformational beings.   We can use our innate magic in order to gain legs when we are on land.  Or in this case on a boat!” She said pleasantly.

“Do you live alone?   Or are there more of your kind?”

“There are thousands of us throughout all of the Seven Seas.   My community has its colony not far from here.   Strictly speaking, I am not supposed to be seen by humans.   However, I have always been a rebel!” Marina said with a saucy wink.

Killian smiled feeling utterly enchanted by this beautiful woman.   He led her down to his quarters as she regaled him with stories of her exploits under the watery depths.

“I love your quarters Killian, they are very comfortable!   I also adore the name of your ship.   Did you name it, or was it already named when you took it for your own?”

“Ah, so you know that we are pirates, aye?   I named it after the stories of mermaids my mother used to tell me as a youngster.   I did try to make it in Her Majesty’s Navy, but I hated the hypocrisy of the Crown.   So, I left after six months and took to flying the Jolly Roger with my crew.” Was his reasoned response.

It was then that Killian locked eyes with Marina and each felt the electric pull.   It felt as if heat lightning had entered the cabin.   Soon they were leaning in for a first kiss so erotically charged that both knew they would never forget this night!   Kissing turned to the tearing off of clothes.   Which gave way to orgasmic bliss in one another’s arms.

The next morning the rest of the crew met Marina.   She quickly became a hit with the seafaring men.    Within months she proved herself a great ally and a worthy addition to their crew!   It was not often that pirate wenches were actually from the sea.   Her knowledge of sunken treasures and hidden islands would keep the crew in rum for many years to come!

After her first year sailing the high seas with her pirate lover, Marina was in for a great surprise.   One evening the whole crew was up to something.   She was highly suspicious of what was going on.   Simmons would not let her onto the deck, stating orders from the Captain.   Marina kept feeling more and more irate at her lover for hiding something from her.   That was until she was finally let up from below deck.

The whole of the deck was filled with candles and rose petals.   How they found the flowers she had no idea, but it was gorgeous.   A full moon hung in the sky, and the stars glistened.   Killian Ravenswood stood in front of her down on one knee with a large sapphire ring in his hand.

“Marina, this last year has been the most magical and adventure-filled one of my entire existence.   I never knew that when I finally fell in love, it would be with a magical mermaid!   A woman who could transform, work weather magic, and translate any obscure books and maps we may come across.   A woman that was utterly unafraid of leaving her cushy home in the sea to travel on a boat with a group of pirates!   A woman that would swim into underwater caves to find sunken treasure to benefit the group.  A woman that is my soulmate, my cosmic mate, my ideal mer-mate!   Will you marry me?”

“Of course, I will!   What a silly thing to need to ask.   I have always known you were it for me.   That is why I am here!” Marina said as he placed the ring on her finger.

“I had to give you a perfect sapphire, as it is the heart of the sea.   The perfect token for a mermaid.” He said as he kissed her.

“Who needs diamonds anyway!” Was her reply as she placed a last kiss on his lips.   They both heard the cheers of the crew, who were elated at their new Pirate Queen!


~I hope that you have enjoyed this short story.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!