My Top 7 Supernatural Television Shows

I have decided to do a countdown of my seven favorite hour-long supernatural drama shows for today’s post.    I will keep it to shows that were on over the last thirty years, and that were long-running.  For the purpose of this post, I will be defining long-running as having at least five seasons.   I have chosen the number seven, as it is a magical number in its own right.   Without further ado, here is my list!

Number 7:  Angel (1999)

~Angel is the spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   The focus is on the titular character and his L.A.-based supernatural detective agency.    It is full of heart and has a great ensemble cast.

Number 6: True Blood (2008)

~This series is based on Charlene Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Novels.   The series ran for seven seasons on HBO and had plenty of laughs to break up the more complex and horror-related themes.

Number 5: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997)

~One of the most iconic series of the late 90s and early 00s was based on a less successful film of the same name.    We follow the titular chosen one as she navigates both school and her duties as Slayer.

Number 4: Supernatural (2005)

~This is by far the longest-running title on this list, clocking in at a massive fifteen seasons!   The series followed the Winchester brothers as they fought the forces of supernatural evil, and saved the world (several times).

Number 3: The Originals (2013)

~This is the second series in The Vampire Diaries universe.   It focused on the adventures of Klaus Mikaelson, the Original Hybrid, and his vampire kin as they sought to regain control of New Orleans!   It is epic, and much more mature than its predecessor.    I genuinely adore this show and the deepening of the source material.   Plus major bonus points for all the additional witch characters!

Number 2: The Vampire Diaries (2009)

~For my number two pick it had to be my favorite show of my late teenage years.   The show was based on a series of novels of the same name by L.J. Smith, which began publication in 1991.   As a television series, it made brilliant choices to distinguish itself from the novels upon which it was based, so much so that they are really two separate (and equally awesome) entertainment sources entirely!    I loved how the show allowed itself to evolve from its teen-angst origins, and let the characters grow up (even if they couldn’t physically age).

Number 1: Charmed (1998)

~There could not be another choice for my number one pick on this list.   Charmed has been my all-time favorite show since it premiered when I was just a little girl!   I have watched, and re-watched, this series more times than I can count.   I adore the characters and the story arcs, even when I wish they would have handled certain things differently.    I suppose that is where fanfiction can help us re-write (or continue the story) to have the story unfold in a way we prefer.    At the end of the day, the original Charmed is a lovely girl-power, and love-infused, story that has touched legions of fans!

Special Mention: Once Upon a Time (2011) 

~I chose not to include this in the main list.   Although I truly adore this series, the fairytale-based series tends to be light-hearted even during the heaviest of times.   That being said, I could not conclude this post without mentioning that this series is a beloved supernatural fantasy show!

~I hope that you have enjoyed this countdown.   What is your favorite supernatural drama?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!