Magical Spirit Guides

For today’s post, I have decided to write about spirit guides or guardians.    Many people think of two things when they think of these types of guides.   Either they think of spirit animals or guardian angels, and both of these do count as spiritual guardians.    However, I would like to look at some magical and mythical beings that can also be classed guardians!    I will write a little bit about each type of being in individual entries.   Without further ado, let’s begin!

Faery: Many types of faeries can be guardians for humans.   They often choose humans who already have the sight or even faery blood of their own!    The sight is the ability to perceive the fae folk, either through your physical eyes or your third eye.   Faeries who bond to humans may also grant that human the sight as a gift, so it could be a question over which came first.   Faeries can help you live your most magical life!       

Mermaid: Mermaids are water faeries and as such are not exactly a separate category of magical guardians, but they often choose people who are already connected to water.   Mermaids are also attracted to those who embrace their sensuality and sexuality, as well as humans that have souls that were once of mermaidly origins.   This would include people with memories of Lemuria and Atlantis!   Mermaids can help you embrace your inner sexual self.  

Selkie: Selkies are seal maidens and a similar type of water faery to a mermaid.   They can remove their skins in order to walk on land, yet while wearing their skins they have the form of a seal and can swim in great depths.   Selkies are attracted to humans that need help in staying true to themselves.   This is rooted in the many folkloric examples of selkies having their skins stolen in order to keep them on land and married to human men!   Selkies can help you be your truest self.

Dragon: The dragon as a spirit guardian can also be classed with animals.   As it is considered a mythical beast I have chosen to discuss it here.    Dragons can be associated with either fire or water, as they breathe fire and often live in or near water!   These magical beings are attracted to humans that are looking to embrace and enhance their inner power!   Dragons can help you find your inner strength.

Phoenix: The final magical spirit guide that I will be discussing is the Phoenix.   It is another magical being that can be classed as an animal, as it is a bird.    The phoenix is a bird of fiery rebirth, and is thus associated with the element of fire!   They are attracted to humans that need to go through evolution.   The Phoenix will encourage you to burn away that which no longer serves you!   Phoenixes can help you when you need to end one phase and begin anew.

~I hope that you have enjoyed learning a bit about different magical spirit guides.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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