Mermaid Television Shows to Watch to Have Aquatic Fun!

For today’s post, I have decided to do a short post about three very fun mermaid television shows to watch for those wanting some summery aquatic fun in their viewing!    Regular readers of my blog will not be surprised to learn that I adore anything mermaid-related in my television viewing.   Two of these shows are set in the same universe, and I actually watched the first show in that universe back when it originally aired, and it is still a cute show to watch today.   The final one is one that is much darker, and one I have just recently watched.

H2O: Just Add Water (2006) 

~H2O is an Australian television show about three teenage girls who get transformed into mermaids when they accidentally enter a moonpool on Mako Island during a full moon.   The series charts their many adventures, and misadventures, as they navigate the world knowing that anytime they get wet they have only ten seconds before they pop a mermaid tail!    This leads to many instances of silly fun, and it really is an adorable sun-soaked mermaid adventure.

Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure (2013)

~This sequel to the original H2O is unique in featuring mermaids that were born as such.    A trio of mermaids takes to land in order to try and fix a mistake when a boy entered the moonpool on a full moon, becoming a merman!    Over the course of the series, we meet many mermaids, and a few mermen, and see a myriad of adventures on Mako Island.    This one is a cute follow-up to the original, and does a great service in expanding the mermaid lore put forth in the first series!

Siren (2018)

~This final entry on this list is a show I just recently had a chance to watch, and I love it!    It is a Freeform original show that takes place in the fictional Washington State town of Bristol Cove.    The town has a bit of a mermaid obsession, with local folklore stating that the town founder once fell in love with a mermaid.    A descendant of said founder learns that the mermaid obsession his hometown has is more than just folklore when a real mermaid enters his life!    This show is a much darker take on mermaids and focuses on their more murderous and dangerous siren folklore.    I thoroughly enjoyed the way they formatted certain rules of being a mermaid.   For instance, only seawater makes them transform, and it takes a few minutes.   The transformation is actually painful to undergo, sort of similar to how werewolf transformations occur.    They also have to return to the water when they begin to dry out, but can stay on land longer each time they have come out, as their bodies adjust!   These mermaids are predators that hunt in the water, and they are a matriarchal society that must have a leader.    All of this makes for a very interesting basis for the series!    There are also romance elements, perfect for a hopeless romantic like myself.

~I hope you have enjoyed this short post about three fantastic mermaid shows to watch as Spring turns to Summer.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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