Finding Your Element

For today’s post, I have decided to discuss the subject of figuring out which of the four elements that you most connect to.    For me, this was easy, as I have always been a huge lover of the water!    I certainly am a watery woman, and this is more than just loving the water.   It is a feeling of rightness and connection with the water, even just being near a body of water makes me feel more myself!

I am very emotional and feminine, and this is also a way of finding a connection to the water element.    Water is, after all, the most feminine of all the elements!   By contrast, someone who is most connected to the earth could be more grounded and stable, with a rock-hard surety of themselves.   Someone who is most connected to the air element could be more airy and flighty, but can also present as long-winded and even a blow-hard and they are often intellectuals.    Finally, someone most connected to the fire element could be passionate and fierce, as well as impulsive and dramatic.    Now, this is just a very basic overview of what connection to each element means.    There is so much more to be said that may not fit these basic parameters.

Now, some may wonder why they should find out which element resonates most with them.   It may not be something you have ever considered trying to ascertain.   However, by knowing what element we are most closely drawn to and influenced by we can learn more about ourselves!    This can also be useful in figuring out ways to take better care of ourselves, relieve stress, and center ourselves.

For instance, knowing that my primary element is water allows me to better understand why my emotions are so deep and even mercurial.    The changeability of emotions is directly related to the intrinsic watery nature that I possess!   There is a fluidity to my demeanor due to my watery connection.   This makes me adaptable and able to flow in many situations!   My creativity can even be said to be directly related to my intrinsic watery nature.    This elemental connection to water has been obvious since my childhood, and my obsession with mermaids (and faery folk in general, but especially the watery ones).   Of course, this obsession is obviously still alive today, as my writing on this blog can attest to.   This connection to water fae is both a connection to my inner childhood ideals and my inner feminine divine!   As a child, this love of water faeries would lead me to spend most of my summers swimming in my backyard pool nearly daily, in the ocean when vacations allowed it, and in streams and lakes if my parents took me to them.   My parents could not keep me out of the water, not that they tried as they knew it made me happy!   

Now, I hope that this description of my connection to my primary element will help some of my readers in gleaning which element they are most connected to.   Additionally, there are online tests that you can take to determine this for those who are interested.    Anyone who finds out which element they are most connected to will be able to better understand themselves.    This is much like finding out your personality type in different systems, and which archetypes are active within you.   

Personally, I can use my knowledge of my primary element being water to know that being near, or better yet within, water has a way of literally washing away any stress that I have.   For instance, things like sitting by a river, soaking in a bath, and even listening to a musical meditation of waves lapping against the shore as I fall asleep are all great ways to practice self-care based on my elemental nature!    I hope that you have enjoyed learning a bit about discovering your element.   Do you know yours?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is an infographic on water.   I found the image on

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