Serena, Bewitched Siren

For this week’s Femme Fatale Friday I have chosen to discuss the character of Serena from the 1960s sitcom Bewitched.    Serena was the cousin of Samantha Stephens, and was also portrayed by the fantastic Elizabeth Montgomery!    In the credits there was a running joke of listing the actress playing Serena as “Pandora Spocks” but it was always Montgomery, usually in a wig.

As much as I love Samantha, I always adored Serena’s sassy and wild child personality!   Throughout the series, Serena made numerous appearances and usually wreaked havoc.   There were lots of very funny Serena storylines, from her pretending to be Samantha, to her getting arrested at a protest, to her having to undo a spell she cast hundreds of years ago!

Serena never ceased to have fun, and make situations a lot more interesting.    She even, in a roundabout way, helped Darrin on several occasions!    At least with this free-spirited witch in the mix life would never get boring.    Most of my favorite episodes of this series were ones featuring Serena, not to say those without her were not fun, but she always added to the drama and comedy!

One of the most iconic things about Serena is her style.   She wore bohemian hippie and mod fashions that were popular in the day.    I adored her fun and quirky wardrobe, and the makeup she wore.   Serena tended to draw hearts on the upper part of her cheek, in a sassy funky 60s trend.   All of this made her not only funny but a delight to watch on screen!

Serena deserves to be called a femme fatale because she loved to cause trouble in her wake.   One thing that can be said for Serena is that although she loved to have fun, she did not let anyone walk all over her!   In many ways, she was a badass encouraging her cousin to live her most magical life, no matter what her husband said!    That is why I have chosen to feature her this Femme Fatale Friday.   I hope you have enjoyed this short look at a very fascinating character of 60s television.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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