Proof That Cole and Phoebe Were the Best Couple on Charmed

For today’s post, I would like to take a look at my favorite television show of all time.   In this case, I will be examining the relationship of my favorite couple.   I know that this will be an unpopular opinion, but I just felt the need to share my thoughts on this couple!   Now I want to preface this by stating that I agree that Piper and Leo are the most functional and well-adjusted of the couples on the show.   No one did not want to see that pair end up together.   However, in truth, the most passionate, loving, and sexy couple on the show was always Phoebe and Cole.   Not even death, or turning evil, could ever really part them completely!   

So, Cole and Phoebe met at a time when Phoebe was finishing college and Cole was a half-demon working as an assistant district attorney.   Cole had been assigned by the Triad to kill the Charmed Ones, nothing new there, and he made the choice of getting close to Phoebe to get close enough to the sisters to be able to complete his task.   Now where he went wrong, on the part of being evil at least, was that he actually fell madly in love with Phoebe!   This would lead him to sabotage all the plans he had made to bring about the sisters demise.

When Phoebe found out the truth, she could not vanquish him.   She lied to Prue and Piper for weeks about it, with only Leo knowing the truth.   Eventually, Cole came back and won the trust of not only Phoebe but all the Charmed Ones.   They would have more bumps on the road, as Cole went undercover with his old compatriots, but after the Banshee incident and Prue’s death, their relationship was stronger than ever!

It was Cole’s support that helped Phoebe deal with the truth of her having a new sister.   He would go on to propose in a hail of demon slime, and she would eventually accept as Cole was bleeding to death (after he had been stripped of his demonic abilities and was just a human).   Not long after the sisters succeeded in vanquishing the Source of All Evil, Cole found out the Source’s powers had entered him.   He tried to fight this off as Phoebe and he planned their wedding.   Cole could not resist the allure of evil and conspired to get Phoebe to marry him in a Dark Ceremony.   Not long after, with the help of the Seer’s potion, Cole was able to impregnate Phoebe with his demonic spawn.   It was under this influence that Phoebe made the choice to be crowned jointly with him as his Queen of the Underworld!

That would not last long, as Phoebe could not help her desire to help innocents or be with her family.   Phoebe finally was able to make the hardest choice of her life, and vanquish the love of her life!   She would also lose the baby, as the Seer used her magic to make that conception possible.   This is when she found out Cole was not dead but in the Demonic Wasteland.

Over the next couple of months, she focused only on work, and on pushing a divorce through the system as quickly as possible.   All this was for naught, as Cole was able to come back from the Demonic Wasteland!   Her undying love for Cole is what made her desire to escape into the ocean when a spell gone awry turned her into a mermaid!   

Cole would spend months trying to prove to Phoebe that he could be truly good.   He saved many innocents during this period, before going insane and realizing he could not kill himself.   It was at this point he joined the Avatars, that is right Leo was not the first Charmed husband to become an Avatar!   It was this choice, and his insistence on creating an alternate reality where he was still Belthazor, that led to his ultimate demise in the show’s 100th episode!

However, in season seven we learned that he was not dead really, but trapped in a Netherworld.   He helped Piper and Leo stay together, as he knew they would be the only ones to be able to help keep Phoebe’s faith in love alive.   We also learned that he was the one that sent the ex-demon Drake to Phoebe, in order to help her open up her heart to love again!   He helped Drake get to live a human life for a year, in exchange for Drake helping Phoebe.   Of course, he is unsurprised when Drake confessed to having fallen in love with Phoebe for real as he was dying.

It is this final act that truly proves how great of a couple they were, and could have been!   He wanted nothing more than for Phoebe to have love in her life so that she would not one day end up trapped in the Netherworld he was in.   Both Cole and Phoebe made sacrifices, and many poor choices, for one another, but it is the sacrifices that proved their devotion!    Even after Phoebe tried to convince others she no longer loved Cole, she still proved it to be true, by calling him the love of her life.

I hope that you have enjoyed my overview of Cole and Phoebe’s love story, and my opinion on them being the best Charmed couple.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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