Blessed Imbolc, and Happy St. Brigid’s Day

Given that today is the liminal holiday Imolc I have decided to use today’s post to give a brief overview of the holiday.   Imbolc is the first holiday after the New Year in January.    It is celebrated on February 1st, and it is a celebration of the ending of Winter and the burgeoning Spring!

It is a day often devoted to celebrating the Goddess Brigid, who is one of the most venerated Goddesses in ancient Ireland.    She is a Goddess of the flame, and has associations with prophecy!    Some traditional ways of celebrating this day include working on divination and prophetic work.    This is especially true of doing work reading smoke, either from incense or from a bonfire (if that is something available to you). It is also a day to work with healing magick, as Brigid is associated with the healing arts!

It is traditional to have at least a window open to bring in the fresh air.   This may seem a bit crazy in the cold weather, but it is something that brings in the cleansing nature of the fresh air, and will allow for a better reading if one is attempting to read predictions in the smoke!

I hope that this short description of the holiday and one of its traditions has been enjoyable.    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!   

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