Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess

For todays post I would like to do a book review of Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess by Kathy Jones.   I will be giving my thoughts and feelings about this tome, not giving a break down of the content.

This is an incredible text by a Goddess worshipper who is one of the Co-Founders of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.    In this volume she both takes the reader through the three spirals of the journey to becoming a Priestess of the Goddess.    

One can follow these three spirals to complete a three year course in order to initiate to become a Priestess of Avalon!    In addition to being a great text for magical study, this is also a deeply personal text where the author describes her journey that brought her to the Goddess and to Avalon.

I am so happy that I was finally able to get my hands on this book, and it has been such a joy to read this text!    I highly recommend her book to those who are interested in magic, Celtic myths, and Avalon.    It is one of my favorite books that relates to Avalon, and I know that I will come back to it time and time again for its beautiful words.     Reading it is the closest I can get to actually visiting Glastonbury at this time, but it makes me even more set on my desire to visit Glastonbury one day!

I hope that you have enjoyed this brief review of this great book by Kathy Jones.    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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