One Year Anniversary

Today is a big day here on White Rose of Avalon.    It is the One Year Anniversary of this blog!    I wanted to use today’s post to thank everyone who has read, followed, and liked over the past year.    I feel incredibly blessed to have so much support from all of my Lovely readers!

I also want to talk about how much the blog has grown over the past year.    When I began writing this blog I started out wanting to discuss the things I was passionate about and all my opinions on them.   Hence the tagline “Where Legends, History, and Fairytales Meet.”    I have written extensively on all of these things, and will continue to do so.    However, I also began writing more lifestyle content to share tips and tricks of how I live my life to the fullest.    Later I would begin to post more of my own fictional works.   I post many of my poems, and I also have posted several of my short stories.

I warms my heart and soul to say that many times the posts with the most likes are those that were my own fictional works!    I cannot be happier with how this journey has gone over the last 365 days.    I am so glad I decided to finally share my love of writing, and my own creativity and art with all of you.     Seeing how this blog will continue to grow in this second year will be such a fun path to walk!

Once again thank you for the support and for reading.    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!