My Top 5 Netflix Holiday Films

For today’s post I will be doing a countdown of my top Netflix made holiday films!    These may not be the highest quality films, but are very fun to watch.

Number 5: Holiday Calendar

 ~This is a sweet little film about a magical calendar.

Number 4: A Castle for Christmas

 ~In this new film a writer buys a Scottish castle from a Duke, only to fall in love with him!

Number 3: The Princess Switch 

 ~First of a trilogy of films about a princess and a commoner from America switching places.

Number 2: Christmas Prince

 ~This is the first of a trilogy of films about a prince, turned king, who marries a journalist.

Number 1: The Knight Before Christmas

 ~This film featured a knight who time travelled to the present time and ended up falling in love with a teacher during the holiday season!   As a lover of medieval history nothing else could compare to this one for me.

~I hope you have enjoyed this countdown.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!