Tempest Poem

For today’s post I have decided to share a poem I wrote a long while ago inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest!   I hope you will enjoy it.


by Maranda Wabik

Daughter of Prospero; destined magician.

A witch of unknown power—but 

One of admiration and the cause of wonderment.

Caught in a storm,

A torrent of emotional upheaval.

Adrift, clinging to sanity,

But knowing there is a light in the darkness.

A star shines in the sky assuring hope.

Dark energy ebbs away

Replaced with positive joy.

No longer dancing with the devil

Faery light happiness makes her dance instead.

Always remember to look for the light,

Even in the pitch black night.

She let’s the light flow

Through her and out to everyone she touches.

The world around her can feel her emotions,

Be they good or be they bad.

As her light wins over dark her world turns bright!

~I hope you enjoyed this poem.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!