Goddesses to Work With Seasonally

While some that work with Goddesses do so with a Patron Goddess, or a few Patrons, all year round, you can also choose to work with particular Goddesses based on the time of year.    That is what I want to focus on today.   So this will be a brief post about examples of Goddesses to work with during each season.

WINTER   Cerridwen, Persephone and Morgana (in their Underworld Aspects), Hekate, Hestia, the Morrigan

~In Winter the focus is on Goddesses that have dark aspects and have power over the inner realms!

SPRING   Persephone (in her Maiden aspect), Blodeuwedd, Rhiannon (Maiden aspect)

~In Spring the focus is on Goddesses with a Flower Bride aspect, and the power of renewal.

Demeter, Artemis, Aphrodite

~Summer is the time of abundance, and is focused on Goddesses with the ability to achieve, and revel in abundance!

Morgana (Queen of Avalon aspect), Hekate, Freya, Rhiannon (magick aspect), the Morrigan

~Finally Autumn, the best season for witchery, is all about magickal Goddesses!   Any and all can really fit this season, but these are good choices.

~ As you can see many Goddesses can be worked with in different aspects in different seasons.   This was just a brief overview, with examples, of how you can work magick seasonally.   I hope you gained some understanding of this way to work magick.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!