Shadow Work and the Dark Half of the Year

Hello my Lovely readers, as we are in the official dark half of our year again, I wanted to discuss Shadow Work.    This is often tied to the practice of magick, and it is an important part of Magickal work.   However, it is also something that one who is not using it as part of their spiritual practice can utilize.

At the end of the day Shadow Work is all about acknowledging the dark aspect of the self.   I do not care how much you are filled with love and light, you have a dark aspect.   This is something we not only should not fear, but that we must embrace to be our most realistic versions of ourselves!   The best way to find balance is to know the whole of our feelings and desires.   We must analyze why and how we react as we do in order to find the path we should follow.    The way to happiness is not ignoring the darkness, but embracing it and learning from it.   We must try to become the light in the darkness to lead the way for ourselves, and others who will want to follow us!

This aspect of becoming a light in the darkness in order to lead others is one that several believe that they would never want to do, or be capable of doing.    Given the right time to reflect and truly acknowledge that dark aspect most people are very capable of leading others down their path.    Many may not want to lead others in that they will then be taking on responsibilities that they do not desire to have.   This is valid, and helping others down the path you have chosen to walk is not required.    I will say I feel this act of leading and helping others helps you better recognize your own powers, abilities, and fulfill your desires.    It always feels so good to help and inspire others.    That being said I hope that my speaking about leading others (if that is something not for you) will not discourage you from doing this Shadow Work for your own personal benefits.

You see, at the heart of Shadow Work is this self reflection and analysis of who you are at the deepest and darkest parts of the self.   We look at the unconscious and the subconscious.   This is why it is often termed as a descent into the Underworld, or the Abyss, as we are digging very deep within ourselves to learn as much as we can.    This digging can start as simply as journalling your fears in order to define what they are.   Other ways include hypnosis (by a trained professional) and meditation.   Personally for me meditation and journalling bring the greatest, and fastest, results.

When we meditate on our Shadow Work topics we get that time to truly ruminate on them.    The journalling work allows for a deeper analysis once we have had our recognition via that earlier meditation!   There is no one right and concrete way to do Shadow Work.   It is personal and can be altered to suit your desires and means.

As I said in the title it is the perfect time of year to be doing this work.   As the nights get darker and colder we are feeling the desire to dwell within.   We can use this time to not only get cozy, but to dig deep into our own subconscious, unconscious, and into our personal power!

As I said, this need not be spiritual, but if you desire to use this as a spiritual exercise I will give a few deities who are good for this work.    Hades, Hel, Hekate, Persephone, Gwyn Ap Nudd, the Morrighan, Morgana le Fay, Rhiannon, Loki, Odin, and several others are good choices.   They each have connections to the Otherworld, Underworld, and the land of the dead in some way.   That is what you want to look for if you are choosing to do Shadow Work via a deity! 

I hope this post helped to inspire my Lovely readers to dig deep into themselves for self growth.   Let me know your thoughts its the comments below!