To Thine Own Self Be True

For today’s post I would like to look at the importance of being true to yourself.   I believe that it is so integral to becoming who we want to be.   Each of us must walk a path that calls to us, even if that path is different than what others would like us to be!   This post is titled with the famous quote from Hamlet because it is that quote that always reminds me of how important it is to be true to who you are.

Many people do things out of convention just to appease the people around them.   It is this attitude that ends up making them largely unhappy.    They are setting aside their own personal desires in order to make those around them happy.    We must follow our passions, and not let the mores of conventional society make us live the way it deems fitting.

I have been guilty of putting my own passions on the back burner to make others feel at ease.   In truth, we need to work on things that drive our passions.   This is why, even with having to work a day job, I continue to write.   I also continue to draw and work with my spiritual path (which many may not understand) in order to make my heart sing!   

I even ate meat out of convention up until about 8 years ago, even though it quite literally made me feel ill.    I have never processed meat well, and would have indigestion every single time I would eat it.   That is why I stopped eating meat, and became a pescatarian.   This means I eat a plant based diet, with eggs, dairy, and fish/seafood!    Ever since I began eating this way I have been healthier and happier than ever before!    In this way I was finally being true to myself.

My passion for healthy eating, my spiritual practice, living an active life, and pursing my creative endeavors is a large part of who I am!    I am so much happier working on indulging all of these things than I ever was when I tried to live by others edicts.    I hope this short post inspires my readers to live life by their own truths.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note: I just want to take a moment to say Happy Thanksgiving to all the other Americans out there!