Three Aspects of the Morrighan

For today’s post I would like to discuss the three main aspects of the Morrighan.   The Morrighan is a triple Goddess of the Irish Celtic lore.    She can either be seen as a trinity of sisters that are in unity called Morrighans, or more often she is a single Goddess that embodies all things.   In this way the Dark Goddess of War and Sovereignty (as well as Magick) is very similar to the Greek Hekate!    One of her modern aspects is often seen to be Morgan le Fay, although some argue that this is unlikely.   However, all of my research seems to connect the Morrighan to many great Welsh deities, including Rhiannon, Modron, and by extension Morgana!   

Badb Known as the Battle Crow, both seen as a maiden and a crone aspect of the Goddess.   She is the Banshee who heralds the death of men in battle, where she flies over in the form of a crow.

Macha She is a Sun Goddess who is connected with sovereignty and has a form as a horse.   In this way she is connected to both Epona and Rhiannon.    She is one that is deeply connected to the earth, and a great way to honor her is to respect and connect to the land!

Anu She is a Goddess of fertility.    More than having a connection to the earth, She is the Earth itself.   This is the Celtic version of Gaia, the Mother Earth! 

~I hope you have enjoyed this look at the aspects of the Morrighan.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is the Morrighan.   I found the image on

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