Top 9 Feminine Figures Associated with Avalon

For today’s post I have chosen to do a countdown of the top nine feminine figures connected to Avalon.    I feel this will be a good companion piece to my post on seven ways to connect to Avalon!    Without further ado, here is my countdown.

Number 9: Guinevere

 ~This number nine female is one that is only sometimes connected to Avalon.   I feel she is an exemplar flower bride figure, and so deserves a spot on this list!

Number 8: Melusine

 ~Melusine was raised in Avalon after her mother left her father.    She was a water faery by blood and origin, and I find her incredibly fascinating.   It is especially intriguing that she was a supposed ancestor of so many royals!

Number 7: Branwen

 ~Branwen was a Goddess who had a tragic story recounted in The Mabinogion and she is often associated with love.    Her tragic tale is one that resonated with many. 

Number 6: Blodeuwedd

 ~The story of this flower and owl maiden is from The Mabinogion, and we get to see her learn to claim her own sovereignty.

Number 5: Arianrhod

 ~This Goddess was supposed to be a virgin, but was betrayed into birthing two sons, one of which would forever have her ire.

Number 4: Cerridwen

 ~This Goddess is a very important figure in the tale of Taliesin within his origin story.   She is his second mother.

Number 3: The Lady of the Lake

 ~This figure is forever associated with Avalon and the magic held there, no matter what name we call her by!

Number 2: Rhiannon

 ~The final Goddess of The Mabinogion on this list is a powerful figure of personal power, sovereignty, and keeping your head held high during trying times!

Number 1: Morgan le Fay

~There is no figure more associated with Avalon than Morgana herself.   She is the Lady of Avalon, High Priestess, and the Leader of the Ninefold Sisterhood!    I feel she is the most Avalonian figure ever!

~I hope you have enjoyed this countdown.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!