Calling Forth the Birds of Rhiannon

For today’s post I would like to share another short story that I have written. It is a story of a young witch and her dying mother. I hope you will enjoy this tale!

Calling Forth the Birds of Rhiannon

by Maranda Wabik

A young witch is sitting in meditation trying to figure out how to help her gravely ill mother.    She knows that there has to be a way to make her journey to the afterlife more bearable.    As the young witch, whose name is Gwen, is meditating on this sad topic she begins to cry.    Rhiannon, the Great Goddess herself, hears the pain coming from Gwen.

Gwen hears the voice of the Goddess Rhiannon telling her that she can help with her problem.    Rhiannon tells Gwen to make sure her mother has all of her paperwork and affairs in order before trying to do anything else magical.    Gwen spends the next two weeks making sure her mother has got all of her paperwork and her will in order.    Together Gwen and her mother, Rhea, make sure that she has said her goodbyes to everyone that she wants see before it is her time to pass from this life.

When everything has been put into order Gwen calls forth Rhiannon as the Goddess had instructed her to do so when last they spoke.    Rhiannon appears in a corporeal form in front of the young witch.    “My beautiful daughter, your magic is strong.    You truly are meant to be one of my priestesses!    One day after much study you will be a great High Priestess.    But for today we are gathered for one of the most painful times anyone can ever go through.   You must be certain both you and your mother are ready for this journey.    I can assure you that you will see her again, if not in the afterlife, then in the next life!”

“We are ready, and she has said all of her goodbyes.    I am having a hard time coming to terms with what must happen, but I know that this is the best thing for my beloved mother!” Is Gwen’s swift reply.

Rhiannon nods her head, red hair spilling over her shoulders.   “Then it is time that you call forth my birds.   The Adar Rhiannon are capable of bringing her to a peaceful death, and I will guide her to her afterlife in the Otherworld.” 

Following Rhiannon’s instructions Gwen recites the incarnation that will bring forth the three starlings that belong to Rhiannon.    These starlings have the power of an otherworldly song that can raise the dead and lull the living to sleep.    In this case they will not only lull Rhea to sleep, but in fact will make her soul leave her body.

The starlings enter through the open window and Gwen hugs and kisses Rhea one last time.   The mother and daughter say I love you for the last time in this life.    At this point Rhiannon instructs her birds to sing the death song for the ailing Rhea.    It is with a peaceful air, and a smile on her serene face that Rhea falls asleep, never to wake again!

Rhiannon takes Rhea’s spirit with her as she departs from Gwen’s company.    Gwen thanks the Goddess and begins her mourning for her now dearly departed mother.    The funeral arrangements are now made, so it is just a matter of informing everyone that her mother’s suffering is finally over.    Her mother had been sick for a decade, and they finally were told that she would not live much longer, everything that could have been done had been.    This is when Gwen sought out a way to end her mothers torment.   Gwen is very thankful that her mother no longer suffers.    This is all thanks to Gwen calling forth the Birds of Rhiannon!


~I hope you have enjoyed this work of short fiction. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!