My Top 5 Gothic Films Not Based on Books

For today’s entry into Gothic Week I have chosen to do a list of Gothic films, not based on books.   Once again the films will not be ranked, instead just a list of what to watch for a taste of the Gothic!

  1. Meridian (1990)

~This 90s classic, of a sort, starred Sherilyn Fenn, and for that reason alone it is worth watching!   It fits this list because of the billowing nightgowns and the Gothic castle setting!

2. From Hell (1999)

~This Johnny Depp and Heather Graham led flick takes on the story of the Jack the Ripper murders!   I love the very Victorian Gothic aesthetic, and the acting.   It presents as almost a fever dream!   A great choice for true crime lovers.

3. Twixt (2011)

~This is a little Gothic tale of haunting that is a fun suspenseful mystery story.   A mystery with ghosts is a good choice for those with a taste for the Gothic.

4. The Raven (2012)

~This film takes on the question of what happened to Edgar Allan Poe in his last days.   It is a great watch for anyone who likes the idea of watching Poe himself play investigator!

5. Crimson Peak (2014)

~I love this Guillermo del Toro film for its heavy use of Gothic inspiration.   There is no end to the little in jokes, and hidden references, for the Gothic romance lover out there!   As a bonus it has a fantastic cast!

Special Mention: Gothic (1986) 

~I wanted to keep this to a top five, but I had to also mention this great film based on that infamous summer of 1816.   That is the summer that produced the inspiration for Frankenstein!

~I hope you have enjoyed this list.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!