Rocky Horror: The Ultimate Cult Classic

In 1975 American audiences were introduced to an already iconic stage show from England when it was produced as a film.    That film was Rocky Horror Picture Show.   It starred Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Barry Bosworth as Brad Majors, and Susan Sarandon as Janet Weis!   It was directed by the original writer Richard O’Brien, who also starred as Riff Raff.

With even more stellar cast members like Lil Nell and Patricia Quinn this movie truly rocks!    There is even an appearance by the rock star Meatloaf, as Eddie.   The soundtrack is something that is insanely memorable.   The film has limitless amazing quotes, and many people (myself included) cannot watch this film too many times!   It has even become the longest running film in theaters because it is often shown in theaters and drive-ins, especially during the month of October.

In the 1980s the film even got a sequel, the often forgotten Shock Treatment.   This was a film ahead of its time in making fun of the American obsession with television.   It even predicted reality television in many ways (over a decade before it would become famous)!

The basic story of Rocky Horror is a mixture of horror, sci-fi, fantasy and just plain chaos.   The story begins with Brad and Janet getting engaged.   Later after their car breaks down they find themselves in a castle owned by a mad scientist who is hosting a large get together.   This is how we learn the Time Warp, and meet Frank!

We learn that Frank has created a man who he named Rocky, and we get to see him murder Eddie after he sings “Hot Patootie.”   As the story progresses we get to see Frank seduce both Brad and Janet, and Janet find sexual awakening with Rocky.   That has to be one of my favorite songs, “Toucha Toucha Touch Me” where we get to see Janet really let loose finally.   It is a riotous amount of chaos from then on, as we learn the true origins of Frank and his domestics.   In the end Brad and Janet are left behind as the others return to their home planet!

For anyone who has never seen this epic film, I highly recommend this to everyone!   It has become a cult classic because it is so strange that it has a massive following.   Let yourself get lost in the strangeness of Rocky Horror for this Halloween season.   I hope you have enjoyed my little love letter to Rocky Horror.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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