Claiming Enchantress Poem

Today I would like to post a poem that is about my own path of Avalonian Enchantress.   I hope that you enjoy this work that I was inspired to create as part of my personal sovereignty!

Claiming the Title of Enchantress

By Maranda Wabik

Great Morgana

Mistress of Avalon

Queen of Mists

Powerful Faery

Beautiful Enchantress,

I wish to be your apprentice.

I wish to learn your arts.

I wish to wield your Magick.

I wish to study as your pupil.

With your guidance

I take my sovereignty.

I become my true self.

I follow my own path!

Avalon and Goddess

Welcome Me!

~I hope you have enjoyed my poem.    Additionally, I hope you have a good night, and enjoy the Autumnal full moon.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!